Pet Sitting and Care Testimonials

Thank you so much for looking after Tabitha & Lyla while we were away. As I had met you in advance, it was very reassuring to know that they were going to be cared for so well. Now, having seen the excellent service that you have provided, it has completely changed our opinion about sending our cats to the cattery in the future – you will be hearing from us again”                      K & M, Stoke Bardolph
Happy Christmas Robina. We thank you so much for your help this year with our two elderly cats.  Without you, we would have had a difficult, if not impossible, time. ”  A & S, Calverton
 I would like to thank you for taking such very good care of our two cats whilst we were on holiday.  The reassurance of regular texts and photo updates just confirmed that we had left them in very good hands.  We would have no hesitation in recommending you to any prospective customers. “     P and S, Woodborough
I came home from 4 days away to two happy and healthy guinea pigs. Thanks, Robina.         S, Carlton  
 ”  Thank you very much for looking after our rabbits. Your personal, attentive service was excellent and your text messages really helped put my mind at rest. The hutch was very clean and fresh on our return . ”  Z, Burton Joyce 
  Robina offers a fantastic service and complete peace of mind when we’re on holiday. She  was incredibly supportive and flexible when our cat became ill when we were away. I wouldn’t consider booking a holiday now without first  knowing she is available!   K,  Gedling   
Over the last couple of years, when we take short breaks,  Robina has been walking our elderly Westie on a one to one basis. We’ve been very happy with her service. Her daily texts to us confirms his welfare, which is very reassuring.    M & P, Lowdham
  I have been using Robina regularly for the past couple of years. The service offered is excellent. I can go away knowing that my two girls(cats) are safe in their own home being attended to by Robina,  who visits them every day. They are fed and their litter is cleaned away. They also get some affection.  I always get a message or picture as to how they are, which makes me feel that they are in good hands. When I come home they are always bright and relaxed, much better than if they had been in a Cattery.  I am glad I have found this service and can thoroughly recommend it to you. ”                     S, Calverton 
”  I first contacted Daisy Chain Pet Sitter when I needed holiday cover at very short notice for all my pets. I have goats, chickens, cats and fish that needed looking after and feeding twice a day.  Robina was able to accommodate all my animals’ needs and I returned from holiday to find happy and well-cared for pets. Whilst away, I received regular texts from Robina to say all was well and this was very reassuring. I now regularly use Daisy Chain  if I’m out for longer than usual, to feed, fuss and let my dogs into the garden. I can thoroughly recommend Robina- she is reliable and conscientious  and it’s very comforting to know she’s there to care for my animals when I need her.           W, Lowdham
 ” I really appreciate all you have done for Hooley, my cat, during my time away.  It is always a worry how an animal will respond but she has been well cared for and much loved by you. Highly recommended. ”   J, Lowdham          
Sadly our little cat Snowy is no longer with us. She died just a short time ago, her kidneys let her down in the end. She loved being here in Spain in the warmth and went out a couple of times a day, which was something she’s not done in a long time back in England. We are heartbroken but I just wanted to thank you for the times you visited her in Burton Joyce when we were away. It was wonderful having that peace of mind. “  K & T, formerly of Burton Joyce  
 “ We  are really lucky to have found you!  A first class, reliable service was provided.  We were able to relax and enjoy our time away, knowing our pets ( three cats, an outdoor bunny and a house rabbit) were well cared for in their home and we would not hesitate to recommend.”           M & J, Burton Joyce
Hi, Robina.  I arrived home late yesterday after my holiday.  I want to thank you so much for looking after my dog, Lilly, so well.  It was great peace of mind to know she was being well cared for!  I’ll highly recommend you to all of my friends with pets and hope to see you again soon. “             S, Lowdham
”  I adopted my first rescue cat around 4 years ago and didn’t realise how traumatised he was the first time we took him to the cattery after we had rescued him. He was howling and distressed for days when we came back.  The next holiday we took I decided to find a pet sitter rather than put him in a cattery and it was then when I met Robina.  Prior to us going away, she took the time to come over and meet Sebastian, she took an interest in his habits and made a file note about him!  We have now returned from our second holiday when Robina has been looking after Sebbie and I don’t think he even knew we were away.  Robina has invested so much time in Sebbie and shared her invaluable knowledge about difficult cats, I’m not sure how I managed before she came into our life.  Quite sure that Sebbie would move in with her if he could find her house. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, a true cat lover xxx thank you. ” J, Burton Joyce     
”  We thoroughly recommend Daisy Chain Pet Sitters.  Robina takes great care of our lovely old cat, ensuring she can stay at home in comfort.  Robina  gives our cat her daily medication; she even puts our bin out so we don’t miss getting it emptied.  We use Daisy Chain again and again, as we are delighted to have found such a great service. ”   S & H, Burton Joyce
Our Bichon, Alfie, is a bit of a character and it is clear he adores Robina.  Her level-headedness and good humour means even he can’t be too naughty when out on walks!  Robina is calm and trustworthy – the perfect person to trust with your dog. ”   G & G, Gunthorpe
” Our rescue cat (Eve) is very nervous and shy, so I was looking for someone who could give her the tlc that she needs.  Robina put us at ease immediately; it was clear that she knew just the right approach to take with Eve, which meant we could relax on holiday knowing that Eve was in safe hands.  Robina provided us with daily text updates which were very reassuring.  Having her look after Eve in our own home was by far a better alternative to using a cattery; in fact it was stress free for all of us!  I fully intend to use Robina’s services again, and would be delighted to recommend her to others.  Thank you!  E, Lady Bay
” Thank you so much for taking such good care of Darwin & Emily. Emily loves people and is very friendly, but Darwin is very shy so we were worried that she would hide from you. I am delighted that you gained her trust so quickly and that you were so sensitive to her needs, such as moving her food underneath the table so she would feel safer. Thank you so much for the daily updates, which were wonderfully detailed and very reassuring! We are also very grateful for your quick thinking when you noticed part of the fence had been taken down. Our girls are very precious to us and it is such a relief to know that we can leave them in your safe hands. Thank you! J & M, Mapperley
Thank you so much for everything, taking care of Daisy cat. You really went the extra mile and we so appreciate it; Daisy most of all.”   C &P, Burton Joyce
” Robina  has been looking after my three pets (two pugs and a cat)  for a few weeks now and I can’t believe how attentive she is to the needs of my fur babies. What’s great about Robina is that she listens to your requirements and carries out the routine exacty as planned.  I was so nervous about leaving my animals with a stranger but she has completely put my mind at ease. I’m updated with how they all are ( with photos too ) which, for a obssessed animal lover, is very important! I would highly recommend Robina, without doubt, to take care of your animals as she is a caring, trustworthy animal lover herself. ”        J, Epperstone
We have never used a pet-sitting service before and Daisy Chain was recommended to us. We’ve been really pleased with the service and high level of care and attention received. Robina put my mind at rest by keeping in regular contact with us. We  would highly recommend Daisy Chain Pet Sitters to anyone looking for a pet sitter. Our two elderly cats have been well cared for. Thank you so much, Robina. ” S & M, Farnsfield
I haven’t used a pet sitter before as I never felt comfortable with the idea of a stranger coming into our house whilst we were away.  But Robina has changed our perception and made us see how easy a holiday can be! She immediately put our minds at ease when she came to visit before the holiday, asking lots of questions about our cat and his routine and also being a very friendly and intelligent lady. On the day we left for our holiday, we didn’t have to rush about to get the cat to the cattery. We left at our leisure, feeling confident that our kitty would be well looked after.  Whilst we were away, we received Robina’s updates on how he was, so we could enjoy our holiday with no worries. Upon our return, we were greeted by a happy cat who was well fed and looked after, with clean food bowls and litter tray.  We’ll certainly be using Robina again. Z, Gedling
” I always worry myself sick about leaving our two cats when we went away on holiday, especially as one is blind and they both have health problems.  However, I already know Robina of Daisy Chain Pet Sitters and have witnessed how much she cares for her own cats.  We returned home to find two very relaxed, well and happy cats.  Robina took the time to play with them and made a big fuss of them.  We were absolutely delighted and can wholeheartedly recommend this service.  (And I am very choosy about who looks after our cats!) ”    S & R, West Bridgford
” This was the first time I had used a cat sitting service and thank goodness I found Daisy Chain and Robina.  As soon as we met on the pre-holiday visit, my mind was put at rest. Robina is very professional and an obvious animal lover. I got back to three very happy cats and do not hesitate recommending this 5* service. ”    J, Colwick
Robina looked after my two elderly cats, one of which needs daily medication. I was very impressed with the service that she offered, as were my cats. I think they were both pleased to see me on my return, but they were definitely happy and contented, which they would not have been if they had to leave their home for 6 days. I would wholeheartedly recommend Robina and I am just about to book her again.”    C, Lowdham
Robina regularly takes care of our two year old tom cat, Bilbo, and what a lovely woman she is!  She came to our home, was thorough and asked lots of questions about Bilbo, his dietary habits, where he sleeps, if he goes out, if he likes cuddles!  She is clearly very experienced and we trust her implicitly looking after our beloved pet.  She is highly recommended by us and we know Bilbo is very impressed too ! ”     J & M, Gedling
” We have two much- loved dogs who have never been in kennels.  When we go away to places that we can’t take the dogs to with us, they go on holiday to my mother in law’s. But, due to a diary clash, we needed some pet sitting help.  And I was lucky enough to find Robina.   It’s a big thing for me to leave my dogs in the care of someone that I don’t know.  We met in advance, went through everything, and Robina volunteered copies of a good range of testimonials, a current CRB check, and details of appropriate  insurance, which was nice for extra confidence.  But,  most importantly, within seconds it was clear that Robina really cares about animals and knows what she is doing.  I felt confident that my dogs would be in safe hands.  Robina was in touch throughout, and I came back to two happy, relaxed, well -cared for pooches.  I am really glad to have found Robina;  she is a lovely, warm, fun person who takes her pet care responsibilities seriously.  I will definitely call on her whenever we need help in the future and I recommend her without hesitation. ”        H, Caythorpe
I should say that I felt anxious inviting a stranger into my home to look after our cat, fish and chickens. But, as soon as I met you, I felt confident that they were going to be well looked after. You were very professional and thorough at our first meeting and you obviously love animals, especially cats.  You were very accommodating with specific routines  and, when we returned from holiday, our home and pets were very well looked after.  I would recommend you and will be booking you again.B & R, Lowdham Grange       
Thank you so much for looking after our menagerie. It was great to be able to go away and know they were in good hands.  It was lovely to come home and find Spike, our cat, basking in the sun and Arthur the tortoise running down the path to greet me!  We won’t hesitate to contact you should the need arise in the future. ”     P & M, Burton Joyce
Robina recently looked after my four cats, aged 19.5, 17.5, 13.5 & 4 yrs old . The two oldest have several age-related problems between them, necessitating medication, lotions & potions. The 19 yr old has been totally blind for 5 yrs, so her twice daily visits were not exactly as straight forward as some assignments. And think of the multiple litter trays! The oldest two are fine with new people, the 13 yr old is a little sensitive, but the youngest is really shy with anyone he doesn’t know. Robina coped admirably with a task that some would find too daunting. Within a few visits she reported that all cats were relaxed, calm & showing affection. This was endorsed by a text from a neighbour, who also popped in a few times. She said that the 13 yr old was the most relaxed, in our absence, in all the years she’s known him.  I have very high standards when it comes to my cats’ care (for example, they have only filtered water!)  Poor Robina had several sheets of A4 notes to ‘digest’ inwardly. I miss my cats dreadfully when I’m away, so loved receiving daily texts with updates.  I fully appreciate, due to my own work, the enormous responsibility of caring for other people’s pets, especially the very elderly, ‘rickety’ ones.  Many thanks, Robina. ”     R, Mapperley
We had Robina look after our snooty cat, Storm, recently. Storm took to her straight way, as did me and my hubby. She took very detailed information about his routine and followed it to the letter.  Robina sent us a text after each visit and gave Storm his daily tablet with no problem. We would not hesitate in using this lady again.”  S, Sneinton Dale
The girls seem perky  and pleased to see me, which makes a change! Thank you for everything.  I appreciate I was not in your normal district but, by coming out of your way, meant that my holiday could still go ahead. You were so kind and natural with the cats, I wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again. All needs catered for by someone who really understood my animals. Thank you very much. ”   J, Carlton
Robina treated Jenny and Millie as if they were her own dogs. She kept everything as normal as possible for them and looked after them with the same individual care that we do.  It also gave us peace of mind to know that someone was taking care of the house, the dogs and the poultry. Highly recommended by Jenny, Millie, the chickens, the ducks and, of course, by us!  We will definitely be using Robina again. A very efficient dog, duck and chicken sitting service. ”     C & T, Kirklington 
Robina’s caring approach to our cat’s needs gave us the reassurance we needed to enjoy our holiday, without having to worry too much about our much loved kitty.  We had previously booked her into a cattery and soon came to realise that this approach was not suited to our particular cat (nervous disposition). She was clearly in a state of anxiety when we came to pick her up. This is upsetting, especially knowing that we had been enjoying ourselves at the very same time. This did not sit right with us.  On our next holiday, we used Daisy Chain Pet Sitters in conjunction with a simple CCTV camera that we could view on our tablet. This was aimed at our cat’s bed and enabled us to see that our cat was much happier staying at home with all the familiar sights, sounds and smells.   Above all,  we could see that Robina really loves cats and  that is a very important factor when it comes to making the decision to leave the welfare of our fantastic little cat in the hands of a third party.  We were very pleased with the service provided by Daisy Chain Pet Sitters. ”  D & P, West Bridgford
I would like to thank Robina for looking after my two dogs, Mac & Jazz.  Mac is a very nervous Rhodesian Ridgeback and is difficult to kennel. It was good to be able to leave him in a familiar environment with someone I could trust and to know he wouldn’t get too stressed. I can’t thank you enough. ”    N, Farnsfield
Thanks so much for taking such good care of the cats. They seemed their usual happy fussy selves when we got home – they usually don’t want anything to do with us when they’ve been left alone for a bit so I’m guessing the attention from you worked a treat.  We will definitely be calling on you when we next go swanning off for an adventure. Your note letting us know how they’d been while we were away was much appreciated. It was great to hear they were playing and happy while we were gone.”   C & G, Burton Joyce
” Before we went away, Robina came round to our house to meet us and our three cats. I was very impressed by the information she wanted, because it was all geared to giving our cats the best care while we were away. This was very important, especially as one of our cats has recently had injuries and gone blind because of being hit by a car. On our return, it was clear that  Robina had spent quality time with the cats and that she had got to know their quirks and personalities well. We have called upon Robina several times and have total faith in her abilities. I have no hesitation in recommending her.  C & A, Burton Joyce
 I’ve used Robina a few times now for walking and looking after my dog, Alfie.  She always accommodates short notice requests, should we need to use her, and is very reasonably priced.  It’s not uncommon for Robina, who lives on the same street as us in the village, to take Alfie out on an evening walk, just because she enjoys it!  You can tell she really loves animals. When we go away for the weekend and ask her to look after Alfie, we wholly trust Robina to give her a key to the house and it’s so reassuring to be able to go away and know that the dog ( and the house!) is in safe hands.  We wouldn’t use anyone else. ”   & J, Burton Joyce   
We asked Robina to feed our two kittens when we went away for a long weekend.  She was able to accommodate us at short notice and came round the night before we left to meet them and go through what they needed – also providing us with some great recommendations on what foods might provide better nutrition for them.  We came home to two healthy, very happy kittens (as we’d known we would, thanks to Robina texting us on the final day). Thanks for doing such a fantastic job, we’ll definitely be in touch again! ”      O & S, Arnold   
We returned from our holiday to find everything as I had left it,  plus my pets (a dog, a cat and two geese) looking very healthy and happy. We would highly recommend Robina and will definitely use her again. ”   T & C, Hoveringham 
  I  recommend Daisy Chain Pet Sitters. Robina took care of our cats & rabbits, texting me with news & cleaning up after them. ”    D, Lowdham
This is the second time I’ve used Daisy Chain Pet Sitters.  I highly recommend this service and  feel reassured that my cat is being well looked after by someone who really cares about her.    V, Burton Joyce
”  We’d like to thank you for looking after our furries (1 house cat and 10 chinchillas). It was rather short notice and we were glad that you could take on this important task for us. Huge sigh of relief as, like anyone, there were trepidations whether we could trust anyone who could look after our precious extended family and to let him / her into our home.  Turned out that we found the right professional for the job and your prices were very reasonable!  Plus it was a bonus that the house seemed occupied while we were away.  In the first week, you went the extra mile to buy a feeder for our cat when his auto feeder failed. Great save 😉  We’ve all greatly appreciated the effort, care and attention you’ve put in so that  we could enjoy our 2 week holiday with peace of mind. You’ve been lovely to work with, so we won’t hesitate to use you again. Furthermore we’d definitely recommend your services, so keeping your business card handy!  Special thanks from Mac the cat and the chinnies.  ”  M & Y, Carlton
My Mum says you are bananas but I loves you because you gives me chicken,  Have some money for the treats and the head rubs and cuddles. ”       Marley Cat, West Bridgford
Daisy on look-out