Pet Sitter and Cat Sitter

What is a Pet sitter and a Cat sitter?

A pet sitter or a cat sitter visits your home to feed your pets, to change and replenish litter/soiled bedding and to give attention to your animals. Financially and practically, a pet sitter is often a viable option, particularly for multi -pet households. It can be costly if a cattery or kennels are used and sometimes it’s awkward if you rely on the goodwill of family,  friends or neighbours to visit your pets, particularly at short notice .

cat sitter is a good alternative to a cattery, as your cat remains in familiar surroundings where it feels safe and comfortable.  From my own experience, I appreciate how difficult it can be to leave a shy, timid or insecure pet in the care of  a cattery.  Some animals  are anxious when away from their home and they don’t like changes. 

If you keep poultry or have animals that live outside, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, a pet sitter may be the only reliable source of regular care.

A pet sitter also helps with home security, by providing activity in the house.  I’ll contact you if I notice anything that’s amiss, not only with your pets but also any domestic issues such as water leaks, broken windows etc.

Some pet sitters will look after your pets in their home and this boarding is another option you may wish to think about.  For those pet owners wanting live- in and overnight cover, there are house sitters  who offer to stay in your house.  Some specialist agencies charge a fee for registering your requirements with  them.   

 As for Daisy Chain Pet Sitters, I drive an unmarked car and not a vehicle advertising my services and nor do I wear clothing with a business logo. Therefore, it’s not obvious that you’re away.  I’m not part of a franchise and it’s just me that will care for your pet, so we’ll have continuity and, I hope, an understanding relationship. 

With testimonials from local people, the emphasis of my pet sitting service is to provide professional and affordable pet care in your home.

 Daisy, full to bursting